We are grateful unto God for seeing us through the year and another season is here with us again. I believe it has been by His mercies. Along the line it looked tough, sometimes it looked as if we were not going to survive it but through it all we made it. We are grateful to God.

I believe we need to reflect on what we could have done better, what we didn’t do well and re-plan and re-configure so that the days ahead would be better managed with the grace of God. I also want to use this occasion to remind ourselves of the fact that God has made us stewards.

The resources and people God caused to come our way are things we should not take for granted because as stewards a day for accountability will come. 

I wish you all a merry Christmas but will be glad if you keep in touch. Continue to visit our website, keep listening to international central gospel church programs both on TV, Radio and on line. 

May the year 2014 be unique and special in your lives. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Rev. Dr. Anthony Cudjoe